Atomic The Gallery: UNIVERSAL FORMS


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Atomic Design presents a curated exhibition featuring work by late Canadian artist Benson Zonena.  The exhibit explores unseen sculptural work recently rediscovered after over 40 years.

“Upon arrival for a routine house-call, I was totally unprepared for the magic I was about to discover. What I saw before my eyes was immediately comparable to the great works of Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and Maryon Kantaroff,” says Lawrence Blairs, owner & curator, Atomic Design.

“I was instantly moved by the way the sculpted forms mimic interdependent human existence, a comment on how humans need one another to survive. We are interdependent. Universal Forms will celebrate Zonena’s fascination with the complexity of nature, geometric forms and mathematical order.”




2 Responses to “Atomic The Gallery: UNIVERSAL FORMS”

  • Kelly Norgate:

    My husband and I were unable to attend the Friday opening. Can we see the collection next week?

    Please let us know what would be a good time to visit. Thanks!

    647 407 6757

    • lawrence:

      Hello Kelly,

      We have a viewing appointment on Thursday evening Nov 21st at 7:30pm. Please send us an e-mail at to let us know if this works for you or alternatively we can arrange another time. Best Lawrence.

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