Gunnar Larsen ‘Mode Avantgarde’ poster

Gunars mainAnother beautiful striking image  taken over thirty years ago by Danish fashion photographer Gunnar Larsen. The styling and production still appears amazingly fresh and relevant as it did in 1980.

This poster was one of many in a series created to promote the highly influential and uncompromising fashion and art publication ‘Mode Avantgarde’.  The magazine was styled and directed  by  the perfectionist eye and unconventional photography of Larsen.

The Paris based publication was created as an alternative to the prevailing ‘romantic’ style of fashion photography that was produced in the early 1970′s.

Larsen’s form of photography was harder edged, provocative, glamorous and undoubtedly set the standard for fashion photography in the years to come.

Interestingly the posters produced to promote ‘Mode Avantgarde’ were never sold, but would be distributed in limited number throughout Paris prior to the release date of each edition. They would usually be put up in public places a day or two before the publications release and by the time the magazine hit the news stand at all the  posters would be gone!

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