Vase by Nanny Still for Riihimaen Finland

The simplicity of form and unique colour  of this vase by designer Nanny Still for Finnish glass company Riihimaen captures the essence of what is truly great about Scandinavian modernist glass.

The Scandinavian approach of ‘less is more’  permeates through out all aspects of design and architecture that emerge from Scandinavia from the 1940′s onwards.

In the case of glass timing is everything and knowing when to stop once a form is created is essential to the modernist aesthetic. The Scandinavians certainly have the gift of reaching the point in the creative process where an amazing form is created and then stepping back, acknowledging nothing further is needed  to improve on the simplicity of the form.

The colour of this vase is also very unique and best described as ‘Teal’,  it is a colour that we seldom see in any modernist glass!

Engraved on base ‘Rihimaen Lasi O.Y. Nanny Still‘ and also with original  ‘Made in Finland’ paper label

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