´Memphis´ desk light by Robert Sonneman

This desk light by virtuoso American lighting designer Robert Sonneman is clearly a piece of sculpture masquerading as a light!

Designed in 1987 and made by the high end New York lighting firm George Kovacs this light is undoubtedly a homage to the early 1980´s Italian design movement ´Memphis´.

The ´Memphis´ movement was a design collective composed of a number of Italian and international architects/industrial designers who challenged the status quo of what was then deemed to be ´good modern design´which was built on the foundation of 1950´s /1960´s Bauhaus influenced modernism.

The Memphis colour palette was a ´pop´ primary with an emphasis on unexpected shapes and forms, sometimes juxtaposed at bizarre angles to each other, these shapes would also often appear almost ´childlike´ in  their simplicity and appearance.  At the time reaction to this design movement was far from unanimously favorable however it´s existence proved to be hugely influential throughout all aspects of design and fashion within that decade and beyond.

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