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Modernist Jewellery displays

Since Atomic opened its doors in 2008 we have endeavored to show beautiful and unique modernist jewellery.

We thought that you would appreciate these striking paper Pyramid displays recently made for us by Origami expert Alex Yue

We love the simple yet versatile shape of the Pyramid and the contrast that is created by the flat black of the paper with our shiny modernist baubles.

It is also our great pleasure to announce a new addition of contemporary ‘Geometric’ silver jewellery to our collection by silversmith Breanne Morrow of White Feather Design.

IMG_7138Pyramid Displays


South American modernist pendant

It is rare that we acquire anything modernist from South America.

During the 1960′s and 1970′s the modernist movement in South America was small but distinctive enough to gain some recognition internationally.

Furniture designers such as Sergio Rodrigues and Percival Lafer became known for producing a style that was unique and luxurious, often using  materials  indigenous to their countries such as Brazilian Rosewood and leather.

Other designers and individual craftspeople produced objects and jewellery in the modernist style but due to a limited market and economic constraints  were restricted in their output and documentation.

This modernist pendant and chain is one such example. Made in Ecuador it is completely hand fabricated in sterling silver. Set with a cabochon Tigers Eye it is almost certainly a product of a small workshop or individual and made as a commission or limited series.

Speculation aside  this pendant speaks volumes on the workmanship and  attention to detail that the South American modernist movement achieved during this time.

Stamped ‘Ecuador 925′ on reverse.


Modernist silver ring by Elis Kauppi

We have just acquired the most beautiful ring by Finnish modernist jeweller Elis Kauppi.

The ring is completely hand made and dates around the late 1960´s early 70´s. It is composed of two spheres set within multiple interlocking rings. This composition not only gives the piece a three dimensional quality but also conveys a feeling of movement- planets in orbit  or Saturn rings come to mind!

Kauppi is considered to be one of the leading lights of Finnish modernist jewellery design.  His clean lines and abstract forms won him much recognition and accolade throughout his career which in turn helped increase awareness and demand of Finnish modernist jewellery on an international level.

Stamped with Turku Anvil ´925 S´ ´Finland´ With manual adjustable band.

Lea Stein brooch

We currently have on display this beautiful brooch by French artist and accessories maker Lea Stein. She is often cited as “the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of the 20th century” and judging by the composition and subject matter of this piece is is not too difficult to see why.

Stein began working in the fashion industry in 1956 and from 1965 onward developed an interest in the medium of plastic. Her husband Ferdinand Steinberger was a chemist, and together they developed a process of layering very thin sheets of cellulose acetate and laminating them to form a `multi coloured sandwich of plastic` Each piece was then baked and fashioned into the desired design, this process could sometimes take up to six months.

Stein`s work generally featured animals, cars, household items, celebrities and would sometimes resemble a vague Art Deco style. However there were occasions when she would create a piece of a more `abstract` nature. The great composition and vivid colour selection make this example a big hit with us! Signed on the back `Lea Stein Paris` with gold label `Made in France` Circa 1970.

Ring by Quebec Jeweller Rheme´

We currently have this very beautiful and highly unusual abstract sterling silver ring. This piece has been completely handmade and would have been a commission or studio piece. It was made by Quebecois jeweller Rheme, and is Signed `Rheme` `Sterling` inside the band. Circa 1970 it is a wonderful example of the craftsmanship and creativity that was flourishing at this time.