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Atomic The Gallery Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new additional gallery space.

Atomic The Gallery will focus on works from our collection of 1960′s & 1970′s artists who we have shown at Atomic since 2008.   We will also be exhibiting collections by selected contemporary artists.

Join us on May 5th for our first exhibition showcasing the beautiful kinetic jewellery of J.Y.GAO.

Please RSVP here

We hope to see you there!



Alessandro Mendini Floor Vase

We love this spectacular monumental ‘Hunan VI’ floor vase designed by Alessandro Mendini (Italian 1931 – )

Inspired by the classic form of ancient Chinese vases with a hand painted abstract decoration in vibrant contrasting colours of blue, orange, red and fuchsia.  This vase was part of the Mendinismi Collezioni ’08 with only a limited edition of 50 pieces ever created.  Made in Milano by Corsi Design.


Please view our Online Store for more photos and info.


Robert Downing ‘Exploding Cube’ Sculpture

We are excited to be showing this important  and unique ‘Exploding Cube’ sculpture by Robert Downing R.C.A, O.S.A, S.S.C, C.A.R (Canadian 1935-2003)

Part of the Cuba Cantata. A series of 108 separate works incorporating spheres, cubes and planes within the context of architectural sculpture. This series was produced from 1966 to 1971.

Robert Downing’s work has been shown in 77 exhibitions in 7 countries and has completed 16 commissions in 3 countries. In 1969, he became the first Canadian artist with a solo exhibition in a major European public gallery, the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

This work is currently on display in our main window. You can view our Online Store for more photos and info.



Victor Vasarely ‘Do-Re’ Serigraph


Another striking low edition serigraph from the ’Do-Re’ series by renowned optical artist Victor Vasarely (French/Hungarian 1906-1997)

The Black and sliver/grey composition on metallic gold background is very current at the moment in fashion and interiors.

Signed and numbered in pencil ‘ Do-Re’ ’12/200′ ‘Vasarely’

Dated 1965-1969.

Gallery framed with acid free mount.

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Marimekko ‘Wild Gardenia’ Suitcase


With the Summer vacation season just around the corner we thought that you would appreciate this beautiful Mod vintage suitcase.

Made by Samsonite for their ‘Fashionaire’ luggage series this wonderful black & white graphic named ‘Wild Gardenia’  was actually designed by iconic Finnish textile company Marimekko.

Designed and made in 1968 this suitcase comes complete with vibrant Veuve Clicquot orange fabric interior and additional cosmetic case/clutch of the same design for those long transatlantic trips.

Bon Voyage!


Additional info & photos can be viewed in our Online Store here.




Krenit Bowls at Atomic

We are excited to announce that we now have a full selection of Krenit bowls in stock at Atomic.Krenit collection

These beautiful steel bowls with vibrant coloured interiors were originally created in 1953 by Danish metalware designer Herbert Krenchel. In 1954 the Krenit bowl won a golden medal at La Trienale in Milan.  Now considered an iconic Mid Century design these bowls can be found displayed in museums and countless Danish and international design homes throughout the world.

Herbert Krenchel says: “In 1953 the idea was to make a beautiful bowl, preferably so functional and delicate that it was equally suited for use in the kitchen, on the dining table and as a decoration in the sitting room. As a material researcher I really concentrated on getting the different materials to match and look good together as well as making them equally compatible to use together.” 

Now more than 50 years after Herbert Krenchel, designed the Krenit bowl, the original minimalistic design has been re-launched in four sizes with a myriad of beautiful colour choices.

The Krenit bowl collection is now available to view at Atomic 965 Queen St West.

The collection will also be available to view and purchase through our Online Store shortly.




Andy Warhol ‘Diaries’ silkscreen

warhol main warhol

We love this rare silkscreen on silver foil (also known as Mylar) produced by Warner Books to promote ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’, published in 1989.

Not only is the colour combination striking but the reflective nature and undulating quality of the foil give this piece a unique depth and texture.

Printed in the USA by Warner Communications in 1988.

Professionally gallery framed and mounted.

More photo’s and info can be viewed in our online store.

A rare silkscreen on silver foil (Mylar) produced by Warner Books to promote ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’, published in 1989.

Printed in USA by Warner Communications in 1988.

- See more at:!/~/product/category=330582&id=29707171

A rare silkscreen on silver foil (Mylar) produced by Warner Books to promote ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’, published in 1989.

Printed in USA by Warner Communications in 1988.

- See more at:!/~/product/category=330582&id=29707171

A rare silkscreen on silver foil (Mylar) produced by Warner Books to promote ‘The Andy Warhol Diaries’, published in 1989.

Printed in USA by Warner Communications in 1988.

- See more at:!/~/product/category=330582&id=29707171

Canned Ghost


With Halloween just around the corner we couldn’t resist showing you our vintage Ghostbusters canned ghost!

Produced by Columbia Pictures and given out at the first screenings of the Ghostbusters movie in 1984 it appears that this can was only distributed within Canada.

Not only do we love the Ghostbusters logo and font but the statement that the can ‘Contains 1 Ghost’  and the WARNING: Do not open unless you are a professional Ghostbuster!

MFG Canned Ghost Inc, Mississauga.

Happy Halloween!





Gunnar Larsen ‘Mode Avantgarde’ poster

Gunars mainAnother beautiful striking image  taken over thirty years ago by Danish fashion photographer Gunnar Larsen. The styling and production still appears amazingly fresh and relevant as it did in 1980.

This poster was one of many in a series created to promote the highly influential and uncompromising fashion and art publication ‘Mode Avantgarde’.  The magazine was styled and directed  by  the perfectionist eye and unconventional photography of Larsen.

The Paris based publication was created as an alternative to the prevailing ‘romantic’ style of fashion photography that was produced in the early 1970′s.

Larsen’s form of photography was harder edged, provocative, glamorous and undoubtedly set the standard for fashion photography in the years to come.

Interestingly the posters produced to promote ‘Mode Avantgarde’ were never sold, but would be distributed in limited number throughout Paris prior to the release date of each edition. They would usually be put up in public places a day or two before the publications release and by the time the magazine hit the news stand at all the  posters would be gone!

A number a these rare posters  are available through our online store.

Randall Schwartz ‘Palm’ bookends

palm trees2palm trees1

Create your own mini oasis with this fun pair of ‘Palm’ bookends by American designer Randall Schwartz.

Made by Moxie inc from high quality die cut steel with vibrant green enamel paint finish.

Dated 1976

Now all we need is a hammock!

Stack-O-Pack ‘Mr Slick’ by Charles S Anderson

Mr. Slick main

We love this Stack-O-Pack paper work entitled ‘Mr Slick’  designed by graphic designer Charles C Anderson for the French Paper Company, Michigan, USA

This was one of the French Paper Company’s most enduring promotions of all time. The Stack-O-Pack was a series of six posters featuring smart, satirical twists on supermarket products in a post-ironic parody of pop-art.

Printed on heavyweight Muscletone, (heavy paper) these oversize posters reinforce the message that 140lb French Paper is ideal for even the biggest packaging applications.

We really love the tag line:  Social lubricant  ‘Apply liberally to slide through any situation’

Mississauga Fresh

mississauga fresh main

We just love this hilarious can of Mississauga Fresh.

Canned in 1979 by MEDIA ONE in Waterdown, Ontario, the label states that it contains 100%, genuine, high quality fresh air.

Apparently there are 24 solid gasps so in an emergency you can ‘Suck in like there is no tomorrow!!’

Obviously Mississauga back in 1979 was a little less urban than today!


‘Bloom’ bowl by Georg Jensen

We love this sculptural stainless steel ‘Bloom’ bowl designed by Helle Damkjaer for respected Danish Jeweller/accessories maker Georg Jensen.


Inspired by the fluid contours of a water lily that the designer encountered in her trips to Thailand, this beautiful organic form would be a welcome addition to any modern interior -  fruit optional!

Available to view at Atomic or in our Online store.

‘Scott #4′ Crash test head

We love this rare and futuristic crash test head engraved ‘Scott #4′.

A combination of beautiful, otherworldly and vaguely   unsettling it provokes a wide range of emotions depending on the viewer.

Constructed from heavy solid Aluminium with orange rubber detail it is a superb piece of industrial sculpture evocative of films such as THX 1138, A Clockwork Orange and 2001:A Space Odyssey.

Circa 1970.

Available to view at Atomic or in our Online store.




Pop art ‘Love’ Radio

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching we thought that you would appreciate this great little pop art ‘Love’ radio!

Clearly influenced by the work American Pop artist  Robert Indiana it dates from around the late 1970′s and as with most small portable radios of the time it is AM only.

Excellent working condition.

Available to view at Atomic or in our online store.

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